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WDC May Challenge

Dear Super Affiliate,

How many sales of the Web Design Cartel can you challenge yourself to make within 60 days?

I am giving out special CASH prizes to reward the Affiliates who can make  50 Sales or more between 13th May 2023  and 15th July 2023.

It doesn't matter if many people make 50 sales or more because anyone that makes up to 50 sales will be rewarded regardless of how many people that made it too

50 Sales = N100,000

100 Sales = N200,00

200 Sales = N400,000

300 Sales = N600,000

400 Sales = N800,000

500 Sales = N1,000,000

As you Know, Once you make 50 Sales, you would would have already made N750,000 in commissions plus you will receive a cash gift of N100,000 from me.